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Experienced Leadership
Maurice Marwood

Principle, Maurice E. Marwood, BSc. MSc. MBA, is a senior international executive with over 30 years’ experience with world class organizations in the industrial equipment, transportation, distribution, packaged consumer products and services industries.

MMARCO International Services Inc. is a group of seasoned executives who have led and consulted with a variety of small and medium sized companies and organizations worldwide, primarily in the high-value capital equipment, durable goods and transportation industries. We collaborate to provide specific expertise when needed to complete projects successfully and on time. Each has his own particular strengths offering specialized expertise to meet particular requirements, including sales, marketing, customer services, multi-plant manufacturing, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, post-acquisition integration, and international independent dealer distribution systems.

Successful companies in the 21st century will be those with a clear sense of purpose – with specific Goals, Objectives and Action Plans that are fully implemented and supporting a well-defined strategic direction.

We help SMEs achieve sustainable growth and profitability in a highly competitive environment.

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