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Over the years, I have met a lot of senior executives who are under tremendous pressure to deliver results. Many periodically get overwhelmed with business and personal responsibilities and expectations. And it’s not uncommon to have difficulty sleeping and relaxing.


Having worked internationally for 30-plus years, launched a start-up after “retirement;” and been engaged four times and married twice, I know something about the pressure to deliver results.


I came to understand that Life is a simple three-legged stool, and by working to keep all three legs strong one could live a flourishing life. The concept may be simple, but making it happen certainly was not.


As a result of my learning experiences I decided to share what I know with others who may be experiencing challenges with their own three-legged stool.


Consequently, I now provide personal coaching on all three legs of Life because they are all firmly joined together and cannot be treated separately, as some professional coaches believe.


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