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Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Executive coaching should focus on organizational performance and development while working in a one-on-one relationship with an executive who is accountable for highly complex decisions that have a wide scope of impact on the future success of the organization. This is accomplished through a trusting collaborative relationship in which I assist the executive achieve a set of goals to improve his/her professional performance and personal satisfaction, and subsequently to improve the performance of the client’s organization

Professional Coaching helps the client executives examine their thought and decision-making processes and to increase the self-awareness of their actions and their consequences. Ultimately, the coaching must be aimed at accelerating the executive’s business results, effectiveness as a leader and readiness to take on more responsibility. And of course, maintaining a proper work-life balance is a critical success factor.







Professional Nomad

Maurice Marwood’s Memoir: Professional Nomad

Adventures of a business executive in the global community. 
Go behind the scenes for a firsthand look at the corporate culture, values, management styles, challenges, and opportunities that cause organizations to succeed or fail. In this straight-talking account of his life and career as an international business executive, Maurice Marwood guides the reader through the corridors of corporate power and offers down-to-earth strategies for succeeding in a “globalized” economy.  Available from the Publisher or many of the online book retailers.